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Kashish Das Shrestha is a writer and photographer based in New York. Born and raised in Nepal, he is a 4th generation photographer whose family photo heritage dates back to 1927 when the first Das Studio was first established in Darjeeling. In recent years he has used his works as a photographer in New York to fund his research on contemporary environment issues in Nepal, about which he writes frequently. He also occassionaly reports for the BBC Nepal Service.

Kashish started as a photojournalist in 2001, documenting the diverse subjects of youth and pop culture in Kathmandu and the armed Maoist rebellion in Nepal's countryside. His work has appeared in Vogue online (America), The Wall Street Journal,, Gotham magazine (New York), Q magazine (UK), Mix Mag (UK), and Metro daily. Between 2010-2011, he also produced 10 photo stories on the lives of resettled Bhutanese Refugees in different parts of America and Canada. He also produced 6 multimedia slideshows and a 32 minute documentary based on the project for UNHCR.

In 2008 Kashish was interviewed on the Pea Body award winning radio program, the Brian Lehrer Show on NPR/WNYC.

Kashish's photos have also been exhibited in Belgium (2010) by International Alert, and in Geneva (2009) by United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. His solo exhibition on America, Marfa to Manhattan (2009), was hosted with the support of the US Embassy in Nepal. His solo exhibitions on Bhutanese refugees resettled in America, Home (2009) and This Time, (2010) were also hosted by UNHCR. He has also participated in four group exhibitions in Nepal between 2007-2010.